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    Stamford Frankincense Incesne Cones

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    These premium Stamford Frankincense Incesne Cones will leave you feeling nice and calm. A well known aroma from ancient times, loved for its mysterious properties and luxurious scent. It contains a warm, balsamic fragrance and is a wonderful addition to restore inner calm.

    These stunningly scented incense cones let you create the perfect mood for a calming atmosphere, entertaining guests and will give your home a beautiful, attractive feature. 

    Simply light the tip of your incense cone and wait for it to glow. Then blow out the flame and place it in an incense holder to emit a beautiful fragrance throughout your home. 

    • Pack of incense cones and metal holder
    • Contains 15 incense cones approx
    • Made from perfumery raw materials only
    • For best results place in on incense holder
    • Burn time 20 minutes approx. per cone