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    Rhubarb & Custard Wax Melt Bar

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    A handmade, high quality wax melt bar made from a unique blend of rapeseed and coconut wax and a hint of high grade paraffin wax to give you that amazing scent throw and also avoid a build up to sot when burning. 

    This easy to use bar comes in a case with 10 sections that can be snapped into individual squares making it last well.

    This rhubarb and custard fragrance is identical to those much loved red and yellow sweets we all enjoyed as kids. Packed full of sweet vanilla aromas. 

    To use you simply snap off 1-3 squares and place in your burner and let it melt to enjoy your favourite scent beautifully filling your room. 

    I've you prefer a stronger aroma or have a larger room it is recommended to place 2 or 3 squares in your burner, where is you prefer a more subtle scent or have a small room just 1 or 2 squares would be suitable.

    Weight approx 45g.