About Us

Hi everyone and welcome to Hello Chestnut!

I'm Polly, the owner! I am 28 years old living in Suffolk (or bumpkin land as I call it!) with my fiancé Rio and our fur baby Tilly the tortoishell cat. I'm the sort of girl who you'll either find in my pyjamas with a cuppa watching TV in the week, or enjoying a Jack Daniels (or 2, or 3!) with friends at the weekend. 

When I left school I originally wanted to work with animals and completed a 2 year Animal Management course in college. However since 5 years old I have suffered from a long term eye condition called Chronic Uveitis which affects my vision. I spent a lot of my childhood at hospital appointments and have had 8 operations in total on my eyes. This condition unfortunately stopped me being able to drive at 18 and living in a small town my plans to work with animals changed.

I then worked in a few retail shops in my town until May 2019 when I sadly had to leave my last job at our local toy shop due to vision complications. However working in retail for 7 years made me realise I had such a passion for the industry and I became inspired to be my own boss one day! 

For a while in 2019 I was an affiliate for a couple of home & gift companies advertising the types of products I had a love for myself whilst making some extra cash along the way. One of these companies was Hello Chestnut! 

Hello Chestnut was a business founded in May 2019 and after doing some stock sourcing tasks for the previous owner I was overjoyed to have the business handed over to me in November 2019! 

So since then I have been lucky enough to be the owner of the company and after a few hectic months of hard work the business fully kick-started in March 2020. With the help of family, friends and an amazing team of affiliates my dream of being my own boss has become a reality and I can pursue my passion for home decoration and gifting by offering unique, on trend and affordable items to people around the UK just like me who dream of having a beautiful stylish home and love making others smile with the perfect gift.

I am so thankful for your support and hope that you can find something special on Hello Chestnut to brighten up your home or to gift a loved one ♡